Bridal hair combs – the pros and cons!

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Some brides want the finishing touch of a headdress, but don’t want a tiara styled design.  In our opinion, depending upon the hairstyle you are choosing depends upon the suitability of a bridal hair comb as a bride’s choice of headdress.


A bridal hair comb is usually made with a high quality nickel free metal in either silver or gold tone depending upon the theme of the wedding jewellery and other aspects of the wedding colours etc.  Adornment which may include antique or vintage jewellery in the way of brooches or earrings are then individually wired onto the comb along with Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls to create layers and dimension to the comb.


Combs can vary in size according to each bride’s personal choice but one thing worth considering is ensuring the hair comb has some form of hairstyle with which to sit securely within.  If you are intending to have a side wrapped pony, then a comb would sit quite securely at the base of the wrap and with the extra anchoring hoops provided in good quality hand-made bridal hair combs, you shouldn’t technically have too many problems.  The reticence with this comment is simply that bridal hair combs do tend to be more mobile within your hairstyle than the Alice band mounted tiara or side tiara designs.


The beauty with combs is their versatility to change your style from day to evening and can be easily positioned within a style.  When combs have been wired with vintage jewellery, not only have you got the added beauty of having something unique, but also if the jewellery is a family heirloom, you have the wonderful thought that you are incorporating a small piece of your heritage into your special day.


If a bride is particularly keen on having a hair comb, why not ask your designer to play with the idea of adding fresh water pearl and Swarovski crystal vines to each side of the hair comb.  This adds a further dimension to the whole look allowing the comb to wrap around the head and hairstyle creating a stunning headdress that looks simply fantastic in the photographs.


It is a good idea to discuss your ideas with your hairstylist so that advice can be given as to the suitability of a bridal hair comb with the particular hairstyle you want to have.  Take into consideration if there will be a lot of dancing etc or if the bride will have someone on hand to help her re-position the comb should it move too much within the hairstyle or feel insecure.  There is nothing worse than a slipped hairstyle, in-fact, your wedding day hairstyle should stay put no matter what paces you put it through, so ensure that your designer doesn’t incorporate jewellery that is too heavy for the comb to comfortably carry but then any decent designer wouldn’t do that anyway.  If you have a brooch that is a family heirloom and you would like this incorporating, why not contact Heirlooms Ever After who can help you decide whether or not a mounted tiara would be more suitable.


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