Bridal headdresses through the ages

If you get the chance to grab a cuppa and a moment of reminiscing why not get the old family photo albums out and look for bridal accessory inspiration from days gone by.  I recall trying on my Grandmother’s wedding dress and being shocked at how silky, fitted and rather sexy it was.  It gave me ideas of the sort of lady my Grandmother was when she got married, when she was young and the sort of special wedding day she must have had.

Back in the 1900’s the bridal accessories were rather lavish and statement pieces.  Brides often wore veils and sometimes their bridal headdresses were more like headpieces due to their size and ornateness.  Many were encrusted with crystals and pearls and silk flowers to create a large and beautiful picture.

Moving into the 1920’s you have the Flapper inspired pieces that were worn with short, sharp cropped hair styles and were, in some cases dramatic and would set a fashion scene that would appear decades later.  Often worn low down over the forehead the bridal headdresses were lace, feathers, diamontes, crystals and bling.

The 1930’s saw a traditional revival with veils playing an important role and often would cover the entire head creating a laced veiled cap effect.  Sometimes brides choose halos of lace, ribbon and flowers to create a soft and feminine look for their bridal headdress, each very striking and demure.

Not all 1940’s brides had the same choice of bridal headdresses as Queen Elizabeth who married in 1947 but in these austere war years, brides wanted traditional, princess tiaras with crystal and shine.  With long flowing cathedral length veils being the order of the day and at times the full headpiece being chosen, brides of the 40’s looked simply stunning.

Jackie O and the actresses of the roaring 50’s created a new wave of glamour that filtered its way through to the everyday bride.  With short, crisp and sassy veils teamed with sophisticated bridal headdresses, the 1950’s brides wanted glitz and glamour and although lace played a big part and full headcaps still being fashionable, things were hotting up.

The 60’s saw a few different styles vying for attention with the hippy movement saw daisy chains and flowery, blousy, natural and simple creations whereas there were the brides with the big bouffant hair styles who wanted the traditional crystal tiara and long flowing veil.  Larger styles of bridal headdresses seemed to appear again in the 60’s with some brides wanting fuller halo effect pieces to create a statement against the more simplistic waist cinching dresses.

In the 1970’s, my personal favourite era for bridal dresses and accessories saw a large amount of bohemian brides with the flower circlets and flowing locks.  Yet too, just as popular were the full tiaras, bonnets, headpieces and in some cases large blousy hats that were beginning to become a choice for some along with the more demure and alluring pill box hats with birdcage veils.

Wow, the 1980’s!  Bows bows everywhere along with satin, ribbon and flowers.  The 1980’s saw big hair, big veils, ruffles and bows and big wedding dress trains, although not many brides opted for the 25ft beauty that Princess Diana had!

Into the 90’s with a real contrast in fashion and a bit of a mixture when it came to bridal accessories.  Brides were opting for traditional tiaras full of crystal and bling, yet others were experimenting with revivals and dresses that leaned towards a tudoresque style with full length capes and maid marion inspired innocence.

Why not complete the form below and send to Heirlooms Ever After Ltd to discuss a bespoke bridal headdress or bridal jewellery just for you and your special day and together work on a piece that provides a glimpse into brides of yesteryear!  Bring along any photographs, a picture of your chosen dress and how you intend to wear your hair and visit Vanessa and Rachael on their stand in the Boutique Area of the National Wedding Show 2013 at the NEC, Birmingham on 1 -3 March.  Plus, contact the show organisers to see how you can enter our competition to win a bespoke headdresses and jewellery from our stand at the show!



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