Bridal Tiara or Bridal Hair Comb?

Bridal Tiara or Bridal Hair Comb?

Some brides want the finishing touch of a headdress, but don’t want a tiara styled design.8ea46-img_7396

In our opinion, depending upon the hairstyle you are choosing depends upon the suitability of a bridal hair comb as a bride’s choice of headdress.

A bridal hair comb is usually made with a high quality nickel free metal in either silver or gold c09a5-img_7460tone depending upon the theme of the wedding jewellery and other aspects of the wedding colours etc.  Adornment which may include antique or vintage jewellery in the way of brooches or earrings are then individually wired onto the comb along with Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls to create layers and dimension to the comb.

Combs can vary in size according to each bride’s personal choice but one thing worth considering is ensuring the hair comb has some form of hairstyle with which to sit securely within.  If you are intending to have a side wrapped pony, then a comb would sit quite securely at the base of the wrap and with the extra anchoring hoops provided in good quality hand-made bridal hair combs, you shouldn’t technically have too many problems.  The reticence with this comment is simply that bridal hair combs do tend to be more mobile within your hairstyle than the Alice band mounted tiara or side tiara designs.

The beauty with combs is their versatility to change your style from day to evening and can be easily positioned within a style.  When combs have been wired with vintage jewellery, not only have you got the added beauty of having something unique, but also if the jewellery is a family heirloom, you have the wonderful thought that you are incorporating a small piece of your heritage into your special day.

If a bride is particularly keen on having a hair comb, why not ask your designer to play with the idea of adding fresh water pearl and Swarovski crystal vines to each side of the hair comb.  This adds a further dimension to the whole look allowing the comb to wrap around the head and hairstyle creating a stunning headdress that looks simply fantastic in the photographs.

It is a good idea to discuss your ideas with your hairstylist so that advice can be given as to the suitability of a bridal hair comb with the particular hairstyle you want to have.  Take into consideration if there will be a lot of dancing etc or if the bride will have someone on hand to help her re-position the comb should it move too much within the hairstyle or feel insecure.  There is nothing worse than a slipped hairstyle, in-fact, your wedding day hairstyle should stay put no matter what paces you put it through, so ensure that your designer doesn’t incorporate jewellery that is too heavy for the comb to comfortably carry but then any decent designer wouldn’t do that anyway.  If you have a brooch that is a family heirloom and you would like this incorporating, why not contact Heirlooms Ever After who can help you decide whether or not a mounted tiara would be more suitable.

Love Vanessa & Rachael



Your Dream Wedding Venue & Still On budget!

Most brides today want and deserve the very best for their wedding day, it is after all the one day in which they can truly shine and share their precious moments with those closest to them.

So how can brides get the best in all aspects of their day and stay on budget?  The key we feel is organisation!  If the bride can collect together her ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ into ‘necessaries’ and ‘desires’, she will be able to collate a list of features that, once put into priority order, will determine what is most important for her day.

For example, are you the bride that has always dreamed the fairy tale of being married in a castle with a horse drawn carriage?  Today, that dream can be a reality with so many venues now registering to be a licensed venue for civil marriages and partnerships.

A great starting point for inspiration and ideas is the English Heritage website where you can search through the wedding venues and drool over the fairytale you could enjoy.

Where we live in Derbyshire, we have a wealth of beautiful, ethereal and dramatic castle like venues to host your dream wedding.  Chatsworth


The Painted Room at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

is probably the best in the area with a real taste of Downton glamour and with varying packages, there could be a suitable one for you and your day.  Host to an intimate yet fine array of the finest bridal companies in the area, Chatsworth holds their annual wedding fair which this year is on Saturday & Sunday the 21st & 22nd January 2017.  A perfect opportunity to see the venue dressed and ready and at the same time gain inspiration and hand pick your accessories and finishing touches knowing you’re surrounded by the very best that Derbyshire has to offer.

For a more medieval and rustic feel, Haddon Hall could be the venue of choice for any bride looking for that Princess Bride feel.  A Tudor Manor House that has been sensitively and lovingly kept has been the backdrop for many of our favourite period dramas and films including Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice and more recently The Other Boleyn Girl starring Keira Knightly and Scarlett Johansson.

For a more modern Country Hunting Lodge feel to your wedding, why not opt for the exclusive use package of the beautiful East Lodge Hotel & Restaurant in quaint Rowsley just a couple of miles away from the splendor of Chatsworth or their sister hotel Callow Hall Luxury Hotel in Ashbourne.  We have used these venues for our photo shoots each year and the hospitality we receive surpasses every other hotel we’ve been to.  Nothing is too much trouble for their professional team and your wedding day would be no exception with attention to detail being their highest priority.  callow-hall-image

Our next blog post will be looking at the wide array of wedding dress designers out there, their stockists and some of the loveliest places to get the full bride-to-be experience!






Lady JoJo’s Boutique Bridal Shoot image 001

We love this dress and the setting highlights the dress perfectly! We love working with brides who want that little bit of a quirky difference, and how you have shot into the light whilst keeping the crispness of the dress makes this a stunning shot!

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Lady JoJo's Boutique Bridal Shoot image 001

A beautiful dress in a beautiful setting. Handmade in Edinburgh for brides who want something that little bit different from the crowd.

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Bridal Headdress or Bridal Hair Comb – Which is Best?

Bridal Headdress or Bridal Hair Comb – Which is Best?

Tip 1:

Tiaras full or side suit any hair style and length making them a most versatile bridal headdress solution.  Being mounted on a headband gives more security and freedom of movement through the day and into the dancing night! 

Tip 2:

Ask for your tiara to be hand-wrapped in pure silk and there are two fabulous reasons why!  1) pure silk by its very nature grips the hair and helps minimise movement within your chosen hairstyle, this isn’t the case with acrylic satin ribbons and 2) colour match the silk to your hair colour and the band will blend and disappear into your hair leaving the embellishment to seamlessly float within your hairstyle!

Tip 3:

Combs are fab and depending upon their size, need an up-do, or half up-do style to grip into and are therefore not as versatile as a headband style headdress/tiara that once positioned will pretty much stay there all day and into the evening.  If the comb is a smaller size i.e. 2cm, these can easily be positioned within a twist, fold or pleat in your hair, creating a simple side sweep and with extra securing points within the comb, you can anchor securely into position.  

Tip 4:

Combs in all their various sizes and designs make them a fantastic choice.  Opt for the drama of a wrapped vine encrusted with fresh water pearls and either diamantes or Swarovski crystals for a bit of bling or small and delicate for an understated headdress option for brides who want a hint of accessory in their hair without the full tiara or headdress design.  

Tip 5:

If you choose a bridal hair comb and you wish to mount a vintage brooch or other jewellery, make sure the added embellishment isn’t too heavy for a comb to carry or you’ll have a slipping hairstyle by the end of the day and not as much freedom of movement into the night.  Ask for extra securing hoops so your stylist can add more support with extra grips and pins to keep your comb in place.

More top tips tomorrow on which headdress is best for short hair!

Bridal Headpieces made with wax flowers

Bridal Headpieces made with wax flowers

Back in the Victorian times, just after the wedding of Queen Victoria did the Orange Blossom Flowers really become the bridal accessory of the day.  Queen Victoria’s fresh Orange Blossom hair vine was admired by so many brides but sadly, hard to come by.  So the Victorians being the innovative and creative designers of the day started to create their bridal headdresses out of wax.Image

Wax was inexpensive and extremely light weight meaning the designs could be dramatic statement pieces with lots of embellished elements without the weight of using jewellery or fresh water pearl components.  Sadly though the methods used at that time incorporated lead (Pb) paints and the toxicity of the elements used meant that many designers and makers of these stunning pieces of art lost their lives as a result of their trade.

So many months ago Heirlooms Ever After embarked upon the mammoth task of re-creating the age old tradition of using wax within modern day bridal accessories without them looking like wax and without the lethal components used years ago.  After many prototypes and batch after batch of wax, Heirlooms Ever After created a unique compound enabling them to re-create the wax flowers of a by-gone age.

With a modern day twist, these Orange Blossom headpieces are not only totally unique, they are ethereal and quintessentially English giving brides today the opportunity to have a personal piece of history as part of their special day.

If you would like your Grandmother or Great Grandmother’s headdress, bridal hair vine or bridal headpiece re-created, just get in touch and we’d love to help you create something totally unique to you and your day!

Vanessa & Rachael


‘Something Blue’

‘Something Blue’

If you are looking for inspiration on what you can incorporate into your wedding day as your ‘something blue’ here are some stunning ideas!


Check out the following blog for this and more lovely information, advice and goodies! 

Heirlooms Ever After's Regal Earrings

These could you your stunning ‘something blue’! Check out

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